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Yamaha VX Sports 3ppl Dallas Jet Ski Rental

Yamaha VX Sports 3ppl Dallas Jet Ski Rental

Yamaha VX Sports 3ppl Dallas Jet Ski Rental
LewisVille TX
  • 10.57FT M45 MPH

Jet Ski 3 Seat – 2 hour rental
Looking for a great way to enjoy a day on the lake with family and friends?  AllStar Sport Water offers a line of YAMAHA VX Sport 2010 for Dallas Jet Ski Rental, the deck has been tweaked to provide a better overall experience. The seat is longer, and footwells modified to provide about four more inches of legroom. The passenger end of the saddle has also been redesigned in shape, and offers thicker seat bolsters for more comfort. The display and mirrors have also been redone. The display sits a little higher, and mirrors are now elevated on the console, which prevents them from being damaged at the dock. Finally, the glovebox is significantly larger, as is the rear deck.

Other changes to the boat are a redesigned rideplate, intake grate, and sponsons that provide a slightly more playful ride by essentially moving the center of gravity aft, and allowing the boat to bank slightly more into a turn. The engine has also been recalibrated; Yamaha claims fuel-efficiency, already the best in the industry, has been improved by about 10-percent at both cruising speeds and wide-open throttle.

Boat type:JetSki
Model:VX Sports 3ppl
Cruising speed:45
Boat skipper:
Number of crew:
Charter guest:3

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