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Reservation & Cancellation

A reservation is made when you give your credit card number to us .

Even if you ‘re paying cash on the day of the rental, we ask for a credit card number in advance to hold the reservation. Unless you are paying cash in advance of the rental, no credit card is required .

If you cancel a reservation within 48 hours of the rental ride we charge a $100 cancellation fee . This is because we are turning down other potential business for the day and time you have reserved.

There is no cancellation fee for bad weather. If your rental or ride is interrupted by bad weather or any other issue not related to a mechanical issue a credit for the unused time will be given back or credit towards a future rental.

If you run late for a rental or ride you forfeit your time. Your time will not be made up at the end of the rental. Many times there are other rentals or rides scheduled after you. It’s not fair to the next group to keep them waiting. No credits or refunds issued for late arrivals.

If you are more than 1 hour late you are considered a “no show”. No credits or refunds issued. Your reservation will be canceled and if possible a last minute reservation will be taken in your place.

Please understand the above policies when making your reservation. We try to be fair, but in this business time is money. Please arrive 15 minutes early.